SCAI: The Multiplier event celebrated in Italy

Proyecto SCAI

The Multiplier event celebrated in Italy the past November 30 was met with high interest of the participants. Over 50 people attended in Rome to our conference, held on the auditorium of the University of the Holy Cross, and was streamed online to different countries and translated live from Italian to English. The event consisted of the presentation of the resuts of the SCAI, as well as of the toolkit, and was followed by a roundtable focused on misinformation and journalism, by professors and experts on the subject. It counted with the participation of the SCAI local coordinator Professor Jorge Milan, Professor Jordi Pujol and Professor Diego Contreras.  There was also open space for follow up questions on the matter.

Our next event will be held in Bielefeld, Germany, in January 2022. It will be an online event, so please stay tuned!

The whole project is an Erasmus+ project Cofunded by the European Union Erasmus+ Program.

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