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iCmedia promotes the creation of inner circles between the agents of the audiovisual sector that contribute to raise positives initiatives for everyone related with the audiovisual contents (users, producers, public and private entities and regulators): especially in favour of the childhood and the young people, and the main characters of the sector, with whom iCmedia collaborates in order to support to the daily challenge of improving the quality of the contents.





  1. To discover and to encourage the initiatives which contribute to improve the quality of the media, iCmedia organizes several events to which distinguished professionals assist: an annual forum, formative and sensitivity conferences, meetings and awards. Furthermore, iCmedia has an active presence in official authorities of citizen participation and representation, national and international entities, professional and expert forums, etc. It also collaborates with public institutions, parliamentary groups, politic formations and international courts. As essential initiatives, it promotes the introduction of improvements in the legislation of the audiovisual sector and the use of the current legislation by the side of the responsible politicians, especially in favour of the childhood.
  2. To promote the effective protection of child and youth people rights in the area of the media and the audiovisual contents, iCmedia: collaborates with public administrations and specialized entities in the protection of the childhood in the field of the new technologies use; it promotes the sensitivity actions in face of producers and distributors, and actions of monitoring and control.
  3. To defend and promote an active citizenship in the audiovisual sector (able to make informed decisions, with a critic sense, in order to choose and consume audiovisual contents, able to demand its rights when it is necessary and able to relation with the rest of agents of the audiovisual market- operators and administrations-). iCmedia promotes: the media alphabetization of the families and the media users; the start-up of information and control tools over the audiovisual contents and the collaboration with educative institutions.
  4. To contribute to the development of the associations integrated in the Federation, iCmedia coordinates the actions of the autonomic associations which wish it, it organizes formative meetings to its components, facilitates the transmission of good practices and represents the associations in face of the institutions, at national and international level.

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