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The Viewers Association in Andalucía (Asociación de Telespectadores de Andalucía ATEA) is an independent entity whose main goal is to transmit the viewers point of view to televisions and to help to the formation of an intelligence viewer. It is part of the Federation of Consumers and Media Users Association (iCmedia).
Moreover, it works with the main agents of the sector to fix decisions and actions that improve the quality of the contents and contribute to create a fairer, freer and more caring society, attending to the new multiscreen reality.



ATR Asturias is a non-profit association, which search, promote and support a quality media (television, radio, etc). It appears in order to promote the Corporate Social Responsibility and the quality management in the audiovisual production.
It promotes social responsible spaces and a television and/or radio that, in the context of the convergence and multiscreen society, bring audiovisual productions with an added value, throughout an appropriate quality of guarantee certificate.
ATR counts with an Observatory of Responsible Television whose goal is to be a forum of reflection and development of the Corporate Social Responsibility in the audiovisual business field and, at the same time, to promote and guarantee throughout the ESR certificate of audiovisual quality the social responsibility of the audiovisual productions.
The Observatory attributes an own certificate: the guarantee ESR to the producers or places that promotes the audiovisual communication with an added value, by warning current social risk behaviors as bullying, anorexia, Internet addictions, school failure, consumerism, alcoholism, drug addiction, among others.



It is an online video shop which distinguished from others which are appearing (multinational enterprises) in the following items:
• It is a Spanish company created and directed by Spanish people
• The catalogue is mainly composed by the novelties of the cinema and series; in addition, it has a large cinematographic repertoire of the best films in history, documentaries and educative films.
• We are socially responsible, allowing parents to use the parental advisory in order that its children cannot access to films for adults that they choose.
• Our goal is to offer cinema at the best price.



The Viewers and Consumers of Audiovisual Media Association from Euskadi (Asociación de Telespectadores y Consumidores de Medios Audiovisuales de Euskadi ATELEUS) appeared in 1994 promoted by a group of citizens conscious of the increasing social influence of the television, radio and other media more recent as Internet.

Its imperative goal is the defence of the rights and the promotion of the consumers and users of audiovisual media in Euskadi interests. Due to this, it keeps especially in mind everything which affects the children programming in television and the execution of the current legislation, in particular about the protection time.

The association pretends to create a space of communication for the opinions and suggestions of the audience to the television network, that is to say, to make into the new interlocutor between the citizens, the media and the public administrations.

Furthermore, ATELEUS pretends to collaborate with schools in Euskadi in its educative task, by helping them to maximize the opportunities which offer screens, internet, television, mobile and videogames, and to minimize the risks by the Audiovisual Education Project that it has designed for it.

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The iCmedia Navarra Association wants to contribute, in an open collaboration with the different agents of the sector, to get a media that satisfy the quality expectative of the users.
The association pretends to create a space of communication between the audience and the media to transmit the opinions and suggestions of the users to the television and radio networks as local as national. In this way, Suma Navarra takes up a key place in the interlocution between all the involved actors in the audiovisual communication: citizen, producers, media, publicity agencies and public administrations, in order to get common factors.
Since its appearance, Suma Navarra set as an aim to collaborate with the media alphabetization of all the potential media users in each of its ways, children or adults. We have the conviction that to get the responsible use of the media , people must count with the appropriate tools , and to get this, it is essential a suitable media formation.



Associated Viewers in Cataluña (Telespectadores Asociados de Cataluña TAC) is a non-profit association which works for a quality television in defense of the user’s rights, especially children, who are the most defenseless in front of screen. TAC appeared in 1985, as a result of the parents’ worry about the contents that television offers to their children. Today, TAC groups more than 17,000 persons.
In the last years, the developments of the new technologies of the audiovisual field and the users’ requests have managed to a progressive extension and adaptation of the TAC’s work. Internet, videogames, cinema, DVD’S and the use of the mobiles have acquired more and more space in the spare time of the young people. Because of that, a great part of the work that the association develops is focused on the Audiovisual Education Programme: Aprende a mirar.

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