Digital Citizenship: An informed, empowered citizen, a protected safe citizen.

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iCmedia (Federation of Associations of Media Users ) brings together some of the most authorised voices in the public digitalization panorama,  to explore the challenges and needs of information and protection of audiovisual users.

ciudadaniadigital13-ingA digitalised citizenship, informed and empowered by national and international Institutions and technology companies, has a decisive role in the current connected society.

International Institutions such as EBU, European Broadcasting Union and Creative Europe Media take steps forward to advance in the digitization of a society that has an ever more prominent role in the current panorama, while encouraging the protection of citizens and children. The European Commission is working in this direction within the framework of the digital agenda.

The National Institutions such as INTEF, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and lay the foundations of which is a digital informed citizenship in our country while working to protect the citizen.

Technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Telefonica  put in the spotlight Citizenship, with its products and actions, while enforcing policies that drive the user information and training, while protecting children.

The citizen plays therefore a key role in the new digital society that demands more information, training, empowerment and protection.


When: 30th September 09:00 am-13: 45 pm
Venue: Permanent Representation of the European Commission in Spain. Castellana 46, 28046 Madrid
For more information and media accreditation contact: Tel: (+34) 638430100 (+34) 634831784

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