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Digital Citizenship: An informed, empowered citizen, a protected safe citizen.

The process of digitization of media users seen by European Authorities, Industry, Academia and civil society.

iCmedia Award

The iCmedia Award 2013 will be for iCuadernos from Cuadernos Rubio Editorial. An award because of the career, commitment and adaptation of the editorial, for all the work and dedication to children and its capacity to adapt the products to the new technologies.

Great success of the 21st edition of the ATR Awards

‘It is necessary to reward the social gathering which promotes the dialogue, managed by good professionals’, Justino Sinova, Best Social Gathering 2013. More than 300 persons fulfill the Eduardo Úrculo Cultural Centre in the Media Users Awards.

ATR Asturias Awards 2013

The Viewers and Listener’s Association in Asturias presented its annual awards in the Príncipe Felipe from Oviedo Auditorium the last 14th June.

Zapping Awards

The 19th Zapping Awards will be celebrated the 6th March in the Palau de Congresos in Catalunya. This is the list of the nominees this edition.

ATR Madrid Awards 2014

The next 29th May the 22nd ATR Awards will be celebrated, in the auditorium of the Eduardo Úrculo Cultural Centre, at 7.00pm.

iCmedia Award 2012 for the Orange Foundation

The Federation of Consumers and Media Users Association has decided that the deserving of the iCmedia Award 2014 is the Orange Foundation.

17th edition of the ATR Asturias Awards, 23rd May in Oviedo

17th edition of the ATR Asturias Awards. The Asturias’ association celebrates its annual awards the next 23rd May at 7,00pm in Oviedo. Consult the winners and the ceremony plan here

ATR Asturias Awards

Friday 23rd May the ATR Asturias Awards were celebrated. Visit its web and look up the list of winners